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Once you register, we will then guide you through a 4 step process that gets your miners up and running in 4 weeks. All batches start mining on the 1st of the month, payouts are made once a month.


We believe we’ve created the most transparent, simple, and profitable bitcoin mining platform in the world. No smart contracts, no cloud mining contracts, a partnership structure that allows us to maximize your profits.


You are not selling any tokens? So this is not an ICO, why is that?

An ICO is not necessary for mining; in fact, it has the potential to increase a lot of costs for the company. These costs ultimately get paid by the investor through the capital raise, which in turn provides them with a lower ROI. We strive to provide our investors with the highest ROI possible. By not structuring ourselves as an ICO, we are able to lower our costs and therefore provide investors with a better ROI.

Why not set it up as a cloud mining contract?

Mining contracts are also not so transparent, and because the owner of the mine is selling their hashpower, they will try to sell as little as possible for as much as possible. This does not align the interests of the investor with that of the cloud miner. Also, mining contracts are for two years, but if you manage your miner properly, it is possible to get a longer mine life, which is one of our goals for investors. So bottom line, in our opinion cloud mining is not as advantageous for investors.

How does the investment work?

Each investor can choose how many ASIC miners he wants, we have structured a very attractive cost basis for the Bitmain s9 miner, once the customer registers to purchase a mine(s), he or she submits payment through our escrow service. We purchase the miner and place it in our facility and begin mining, our investors receive monthly payouts and can view their hashpower on the blockchain daily. The whole process can be done in less than two weeks.

What are the investment returns for investors (ROI)?

Bitcoin mining is very volatile and returns can vary from month to month. The two most important factors that go into the return calculation are the price of bitcoin and the difficulty rate. Difficulty rate is constantly changing and cannot be calculated into the future, bitcoin price is volatile and varies from day to day. At the current price of bitcoin ($9,500), Annual return on investment is approximately 100%. If bitcoin price declines, the returns decline, and if they go up the returns are enhanced.

Who is this investment for?

We cannot provide investment advice, but traditionally bitcoin miners are those who believe in the long term prospects of bitcoin and want to hold. By mining, they are able to acquire bitcoin on a steady monthly basis.

About Us

See our bitcoin mining farm in Siberia, meet the people who make it happen.

Mining in Siberia is one of the most economical places to mine. We have on site staff and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, the cold climate in Siberia allows us to save a tremendous amount in energy costs. 

Amir Ness and Gabriel Gutierrez talk about how the partnership came together and what they are trying to achieve with the mining platform.

Why transparency is important for the long term sustainability of our model, how are we different from our competition, and what are some of the features that Elevate Group has put in place.

Founder of Elevate Group addresses you, the individual investor.

Amir Ness is not just a thought leader in the blockchain space, he is a personable man who believes in building relationships with his investors directly. You can contact Amir and be sure he will respond to you.

Key Features

Transparency and Efficiency

We have opened our books to investors, we are confident that our offering is the best out there and encourage you to research the competition. We allow you to start receiving your monthly income within one month of initial investment.

Secure and Safe

We are in a safe jurisdiction where mining is legal.

Direct Engagement

You can always reach us directly, we are live people, not bots. We care about our investors and make sure your questions are addressed, whether you prefer email, chat, or phone, we are here.

Growth and Scalability

We currently have 10 megawatts of power, with another 15 megawatts coming online. This provides investors with the ability to scale their investment from small to large without incurring any additional costs. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Low Cost Structure

Our mine is fully owned free and clear, our labor costs are among the lowest in the world and our power costs are only 5.5 cents per Kilowatt hour. You can take advantage of what we’ve built.

Peace of Mind

With Etana Custody, your funds are being managed and overlooked by a third party custody manager, ensuring you the exact profits you deserve.

Access to Bitmain

With a Bitmain facility located in Irkutsk, we have the ability to maintain and receive mining equipment more efficiently than most mines in the world, this is something that cannot be replicated by others.

People who care for

We recognize our duty to care and serve our partners, investors, and employees. Success is a byproduct of our principles.

Why Us?
"Hmm, that was the question I asked myself before starting elevate, and the answer was as straight forward as our business model. Make it is easy and transparent for people to mine bitcoin on a commercial scale, but participate as investors. We enable investors to become commercial bitcoin miners. Our cost structure is so low, we can provide all our services and still be profitable- a win-win." - Amir Ness, Founder

We are featured in


Ok, so that’s a fair question. Bitcoin price at $8,000, and today’s difficulty rate( May 2018), it would yield about $140 a month. Current payback on your investment is about one year. Holding bitcoin for the potential appreciation can magnify returns significantly.
  • You receive your income in bitcoin, if you hold and bitcoin goes up, you increase your ROI.
  • Bitcoin is still a young currency, with adoption just starting. A month to month view of price detracts from the true potential of this revolutionary period we're in.
  • We approach bitcoin mining as a long term investment, not short term trading. Volatility can be high on both sides.

I'm a hobby miner, and I want to add more miners.

A good fit for Elevate Group, this person will see the value in the platform we’ve created. It allows them to mine at a cost probably much lower than their own, and still retain ownership of their mine without hosting fees.

  • They don’t charge for hosting, and they have a prime location, better for me.
  • The minimum order is one miner, I can start with one and if I like it, grow from there.
  • I have access to my miners at anytime, I’m not tied into a contract.
  • These guys give good service, have a fair model, I’m happy

I'm an investor, and want to secure a stable monthly income stream in bitcoin.

We provide the opportunity for investors to scale their investment without the operational aspect of owning a mine. Compound your returns and increase your portfolio size as you see fit.

  • I want to scale to 100 ASICs in the next 3 months? Done.
  • I’ll need to monitor the operation. We do that for you, and provide you with access to view your miners directly from the mining pool.
  • This service really doesn’t cost me anything and in fact saves me money because I don’t need to spend money on having my own facility, paying rent, managing the miners and managing people.

We are commercial miners and would like to merge our mine with yours.

If you have a commercial mining operation and want to leverage our economies of scale. We welcome partnerships with commercial miners, please contact us to discuss.

  • Miners with over 100 units running and want to scale to 1000 units.
  • 24/7 on-site personel and security, gives you peace of mind
  • Located just a few miles from the Bitmain repair facility, that will make it much easier to maintain miner(s) uptime.
  • Direct access to management at all times. We understand your business, and are serious about our services to you.

Bitcoin Mining is Becoming More Mainstream, Here's Why

As the Blockchain grows and bitcoin becomes adopted by the many, the role of bitcoin mining will be better understood. Bitcoin miners are the data processing hub of the bitcoin network. We process transactions and make the network more secure, we are an essential feature of the network. As such, the more transactions there are, the more of a need for miners. The landscape is a highly competitive one, and keeping your costs low allows you to maximize profits as a miner.

We have maximized our investors profits by maintaining the lowest cost structure possible for bitcoin mining. Our investors reep the benefits of that cost structure.

  • 5.5 cents per Kilowatt hour
  • Minimal cooling costs and ideal location in Siberia
  • Free maintenance and repair of miners
  • 100% Auditable and transparent financial structure, delivering peace of mind

Success in Simplicity

With all the innovative and breakthrough technologies arising out of the blockchain, it becomes difficult to choose your investments. Bitcoin mining is the most fundamental type of blockchain investment. You are essentially investing in the data processing backbone of the bitcoin network. Our platform has taken the dynamics of this investment and simplified the process. Now, everyone can invest in mining and have the same advantages of a commercial mining farm. 

Comments from our investors

  • Samuel Andrade
    Investor from Canada

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you what a brilliant investment Elevate is. When Amir told me about the plan, the process was simple and easy, I was able to jump on right away. Within weeks my ASICS were mining! Super excited to get more next month!

  • Daniel A.
    Investor from Germany

    I‘m not that good in giving feedback and usually don‘t do this when it comes to the environment of bitcoin & co. but this is likely a shout out to Mr. Amir Ness who just treat people with human dignity as nobody else does in this biz, you can ask him anything and I highly appreciate this; besides it seems that his business skills are as good as he treats his customers …so, my anticipation in the elevate group is huge!

  • Alexander F.
    Investor from Germany

    I Invested In Elevate, because I like the transparency of this mining project given by Amir. Lukas helped me a lot with the registration so it went through without any delay. Thumbs up!!!

  • Pablo K. from Spain
    Home Miner

    “I found out about Elevate Group and loved the model. I am a hobby miner with 10 of my own rigs, I am now moving them all to Elevate and expanding my operation with them. I will be more profitable from day 1.”





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Pictures from the Farm


Each miner is not only identified by serial number, ensuring authenticity, but we also identify investors’ miners by numerical place cards.


Having a reliable and trustworthy source of power is important for maintaining uptime. We have brand new substations supply an even flow of wattage.

What does 25 Megawatts of power look like?

We have secured enough power to safely support over 12,000 mining rigs, with room to expand.

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