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The world’s first mining farm to prioritize transparencyintegrityinvestor ROI


We have opened our books to investors to prove that our offering is as fair as possible. We encourage you to research the competition.


Whether you own one miner or 100 miners with us, you will always be able to get in contact with a real person by e-mail, phone, or chat.



Our mining farm is located in a jurisdiction where mining is legal, and we have security staff on site 24/7 to ensure the security of our operation.


With Etana Custody, your funds are managed and overlooked by a third party custody manager, ensuring you the exact profits you deserve.

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Our facility is owned free and clear, our labor costs are among the lowest in the world, and our power costs are only 5.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.



With a Bitmain facility located in Irkutsk, we have the ability to receive and repair mining equipment more efficiently than any other commercial miner.

Monitor your miners in
real-time on the blockchain.



Why overpay for a cloud contract when you can own your miner?

Several years ago, bitcoin mining was considered new and limited to commercial miners with the expertise and specialized equipment needed to be profitable. Companies like Genesis-Mining emerged as one of the few ways individual investors could participate in mining. Companies such as Genesis offered cloud mining contracts, which are nothing more than the sale of the mining power they generate by using investors money to purchase mining equipment. The problem with the cloud mining model is that the investor receives very little of the hashpower, while the miner controls the amount of mining power it chooses to give away. For example, today’s cost per terahash (i.e. mining power) at Genesis Mining is $285, this price does not yet include the daily fees charged. It’s no wonder cloud mining is struggling to make a profit for investors.

That is why we created M-a-a-S, mining as a service. Investors now have a way to leverage our commercial mining facility in Siberia, all with the low cost of power, free hosting, and free maintenance; we already have the key relationships needed to purchase your miner and deliver it into our mining farm. With a cost of $96 per terahash, and ownership of your mine which does not expire, we are able to provide our investors with a much more equitable option to cloud mining. While many cloud miners were not profitable for investors, we continue to be profitable and pay our investors. Elevate Group is the new future of bitcoin mining for investors.


Take a candid look inside our mining farm, which is located in Irkutsk, Siberia. We have 10 megawatts of power with the capacity to house 12,000 miners—and room to expand even more.

Amir takes you on a virtual tour of our mining facility.

A snapshot of our farm made by our media editor, Elliot.

An example of our monthly ‘proof of shipment’ videos.


Bitcoin price at $8,000, and today’s difficulty rate (May 2018), it would yield about $140 a month (paid in BTC). Current payback on your investment is about one year. Holding Bitcoin for the potential appreciation can magnify your returns significantly.

No. Our pricing model is very simple and fair. The cost of power (5.5 cents per kilowatt-hour) and pool fees (2-4%) are deducted from the revenue each month, and then we split the profit 80/20. You keep 80%, we keep 20%.

You will be paid once per month through Etana Custody. Payments are made directly to your Bitcoin wallet address.

An ICO is not necessary for mining. In fact, it has the potential to increase a lot of costs for the company (marketing, consulting, partnerships, and more). These costs ultimately get paid by the investor through the capital raise, which in turn provides them with a lower ROI. We strive to provide our investors with the highest ROI possible. By choosing not to structure ourselves as an ICO, we are able to lower our costs and therefore provide investors with a higher ROI.

We cannot provide investment advice, but traditionally bitcoin miners are those who believe in the long term prospects of bitcoin and want to hold. By mining, they are able to acquire bitcoin on a steady monthly basis.


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MaaS Mining as a Service, A new model of mining for investors

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