57Th Miner
We currently stock the newest miner from Innosilicon, the 57Th T3 miner, which boasts 57 terahash of power running at 3,300 watts. We are committed to our relationship with Innosilicon which affords us the availability of IN STOCK miners, allowing you to make your purchase and be mining within 48 hours.
Inside the farm
Our farm is located in Irkutsk, Siberia. Siberia is fast becoming a bitcoin mining center due to it's cheap and efficient hydro-electric power supply. Our power source is 'Green' as it's derived from lake Baikal, which serves the whole region. Power cost is 5.5 US cents per kilowatt hour, making us among the top 10 lowest prices regions of the world. Our farm is fully licensed and bitcoin mining in Russia is legal and encouraged.
Your Dashboard
We use awesome miner to manage your miners. Our dashboard provides you with a live data feed (via API) of all your miners running, including serial number, temperature, terahash, and uptime.
Team of Engineers
Our farm is staffed with at least two engineers at all times, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your miners are constantly monitored and maintained. Our management agreement includes maintenance on your miners. Our management fee is 20% of your profits, after electricity is paid, aligning our interests with yours- maximizing profitability.
Our Service


The Mining Problem

Several years ago, bitcoin mining was considered new and highly technical. The practice of mining was reserved for the few who had the resources and expertise to mine bitcoin. Along with that came the emergence of cloud mining, which enabled investors to purchase hashpower from a mining company such as Genesis Mining.
The problem with cloud mining was that the cost per terahash (or unit of power) was usually high and the contract had an expiration date that was significantly less than the life of the miner itself. This left the investor paying a much higher price for their mining contract, which it turn decreased profitability. On top of that, cloud mining companies usually charge hefty ‘maintenance fees’ which further hampered profitability for investors.

The Elevate Solution

For the most part, mining farms have remained private ventures, with only a select few investors able to access the opportunity. With our platform, we provide a solution that does not put the individual investor at a disadvantage- the way we believe cloud mining does. We have essentially made professional bitcoin mining available to passive income investors who do not have the resources or expertise to mine bitcoin on a commercial scale. Without our facility (and low power cost), engineers, and access to manufacturers, an individual who wants to mine bitcoin would find it very difficult to do so profitably. Hence, the term “Mining As A Service”.  When you work with us, you own your miners and we manage them for you. There is no termination period to your investment, we mine bitcoin for the life of the miner, which can last 3 years or more- whereas most cloud mining contracts only last 18 months. Moreover, our income is derived from our flat management fee- which is 20% of profits. This provides the investor with transparency and also aligns our interests with yours- we want you to be as profitable as possible as our income is based on yours. Our customers range from hobbyists who own 1-2 miners, all the way to professionals who own over 100 miners. Size does not matter, making the opportunity available does. Welcome to Elevate Group. 

How It Works...

What our clientS say...



Amir Ness

CEO and Founder

Crypto Rich

Media Ambassador

Gabril Gutierrez

Co Founder

Konstantin Zolotukhin

Chief Technical Engineer


No. Our management fee is a flat 20% fee, which is paid after we deduct the cost of electricity. The only other fee is a 1% fee which covers the cost of our dashboard wallet and maintenance. There are no other fees we charge.

This is good the way it is.

We payout your profits once a week. However, you can see what is mined into your dashboard wallet on a daily basis. You can also set a threshold amount so that that every time your wallet reach say $100, the dashboard will automatically send your btc into your personal wallet which you choose. 

Once you click on the “Start Mining” button at the top, you can open an account and choose how many miners you want. From there, you will be directed to e-sign the equipment management agreement, after which you will arrive at the payment gateway, make your btc payment, and you are done. You will receive confirmation emails for your order, and within 48 hours you will receive your dashboard login details. 

Our target market is professional miners who want to grow a portfolio of miners, but do not have access to the same conditions we offer. We also enable smaller investors to purchase even 1 miner, to help them get started. Our goal is provide a professional platform for all level of investors. 

Yes. First we encourage you to join our telegram group here. We have admins and other investors that are active in the group, feel free to ask any question you may have. Our founder, Amir Ness, is also present in the group and makes himself available to investors.

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