Expect a shit ton of volatility

In every writers progression, there comes certain milestones. I think I’ve reached one of them, albeit maybe not a huge one. First, I want to thank the Steemit community, this whole upvote and like and push and all that stuff works, we’re reaching out and touching more people. Our telegram (link) has been slowly gaining. Mind you, we don’t advertise in the traditional sense, I’m in love with organic marketing. Advertising works I guess, but it’s inauthentic.

I think we’re all tired of the bullshit. Whether it’s fake news, or marketing hype, or political rhetoric, the bottom line is people are fed up. That’s why alternative media channels like Steemit, Reddit, Medium and others are proliferating. Instead of getting news from an “authority”, we get it from eachother, based on each person’s area of expertise.

Ah, and getting back to that milestone I was talking about. So I think it’s time I inject a little more of myself in my articles, a little more edge is what I mean. I’m a pretty outspoken guy, and I think I have what’s worthwhile to talk about, or else I just shut up. So…

Let’s see. First, the bottom is in for bitcoin. Yeah, I know, everyone is doing a bunch of technical analysis and yes I know about TA and all that, but just trust me. The bottom is in for bitcoin and even though it’s going to be very volatile, we’re about to start the up-move. Now this isn’t going to be a slow and steady ride up, it’s going to be a bull that tries to know you off your ass. So figure out your tolerance for risk, and sit tight. Also, don’t listen to too much news, they want to scare you out of your btc.

Next, in regards to the mining world, I have to say (and I’m not just saying this because I founded it) but elevate group is doing some major things. We just migrated to a private pool, saving our investors about 4% and adding another 3.5% in income for them. I mean, we’re basically the lowest cost mining operation with 100 megawatts (that’s a lot btw) and a staff that’s friendly and actually talks to it’s customers. So when you have a chance, if you’re considering bitcoin mining, please give us a look: elevategroup.io

Whatever you do, don’t buy a cloud mining contract! I don’t understand how people are paying what they’re paying for those contracts. Remember, Genesis is still charging $285 per terahash, that’s like almost $4,000 for an ASIC miner. With elevate, you own your own miner, that’s 14.5 terahash, for $1200. That’s like $90 per terahash. Also, we do all the maintenance and hosting for free. And we are direct with Bitmain. Long story short, we’re changing the way investors gain access to mining, and it looks like we’re doing a good job- feel free to pop in the telegram and let me know if that’s true.

On another not, it looks like the Winkelvii brothers have gotten NY state approval for their Gemini dollar. What is the Gemini dollar? Well, it’s basically an ErC20 token, except it’s backed by $1 US Dollar per token. As if backing the token with a dollar actually changes it’s value? Well their are still some that just feel more comfortable if their seat is comfy cozy- even if they’re sitting on a pile of shit. But anyway, the US dollar is certainly not a pile of shit, but close…

If you’re European, don’t laugh, the euro is not much better. But anyway, you’re here because you own bitcoin, that means you get it. You understand that this technology is distrupting a lot of areas of life, not just financial markets. So mind what I said, the lows for bitcoin are in, and feel free to join our community.

On another note-before I leave- I’m co-hosting the Globalcoinreport.com talk show every week, feel free to join the channel: (link to global coin report youtube channel).

And remember, the lows are in.
Thank you,