The World's First Mining Farm to Prioritize

The World's First Mining Farm to Prioritize

The World's First Mining Farm to Prioritize

some cool facts

Our Mining Operation Performance


Of Power

Existing operation is fully functional and running


Per kWh

Mining Farm located in Siberia, where cooling costs are minimal and power is cheap.


No. Our management fee is a flat 20% fee, which is paid after we deduct the cost of electricity. The only other fee is a 1% fee which covers the cost of our dashboard wallet and maintenance. There are no other fees we charge.

This is good the way it is.

We payout your profits once a week. However, you can see what is mined into your dashboard wallet on a daily basis. You can also set a threshold amount so that that every time your wallet reach say $100, the dashboard will automatically send your btc into your personal wallet which you choose. 

Once you click on the “Start Mining” button at the top, you can open an account and choose how many miners you want. From there, you will be directed to e-sign the equipment management agreement, after which you will arrive at the payment gateway, make your btc payment, and you are done. You will receive confirmation emails for your order, and within 48 hours you will receive your dashboard login details. 

Our target market is professional miners who want to grow a portfolio of miners, but do not have access to the same conditions we offer. We also enable smaller investors to purchase even 1 miner, to help them get started. Our goal is provide a professional platform for all level of investors. 

Yes. First we encourage you to join our telegram group here. We have admins and other investors that are active in the group, feel free to ask any question you may have. Our founder, Amir Ness, is also present in the group and makes himself available to investors.

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